Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Goodbye LogMeIn

I learned about LogMeIn back in 2006 and since then have used it for helping friends with PC issues without having to leave my own chair or requiring any user input from the other end - many times from thousands of miles away. Their interface is easy to use and required no firewall settings modifications. I could just remote in and diagnose whatever problem someone was having and be gone again in a moment's notice. Unfortunately that ability to do so for free is quickly coming to a close. Today Free Account users received an email and started seeing a message after they logged into their account.
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Now I don't have a problem with LogMeIn changing how they do business. Companies do it all of the time. My problem is with the timing. Most people who use the free version are just like you and me. Maybe you have several computers in your house that you like to keep an eye on, or maybe you have a relative who needs help with their PC and they live a thousand miles away. Is $49 a year for only two computers going to be enough for this kind of use and is the price fair? I think not. Since both computers must run a piece of software to use the service it's not easy to just keep adding and removing computers whenever you need to because that would require de-registering and uninstalling the software and reinstalling and re-registering it on the new target computer and this, of course, can't be done remotely. As a free user there was no limit to how many computers you had in your account. Why the limit now and how much will it cost to add more computers?
Then there's the timing. Barely a month has passed since Christmas. Does the LogMeIn people believe that there will be that many users who will be able to drop a $50 bill on such short notice and with only seven days to do so or they will lose remote access to their computers? I'm thinking not. For that reason alone I'm being forced to drop the service. Even if I could afford it the time of the month makes it hard to shuffle limited finances to do so.
Also notice that it says that this pricing is only for the "loyal user". I have since discovered that this offer is only for current free users who plan on migrating and is 50% off of the actual price. "Introductory prices apply only to the first year of your subscription" so that means we're only a "loyal user" for a year then we become just a regular customer at twice the price when that year ends. That's how they value their "loyal" customers? 
I just don't see this service being worth almost $100 a year for only two computers when there's so many cheaper and even free alternatives available. LogMeIn may have shot themselves in the foot with this decision. I'm curious to see if and how long they will choose to stick with it. Social media is blowing up right now with complaints from their soon to be former users. If you want to follow the action you can read the post on their Community Forum (now over 70 pages long!) here.

I guess this explains why the website for TeamViewer is so busy today. You can check out TeamViewer and get it here.


Richard maxwell said...

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