Saturday, October 27, 2012

YouTube Videos and AdBlock Plus

It seems that Google Chrome and a very few Firefox users who use AdBlock Plus (ABP) are having issues with YouTube videos stopping 10 - 20 seconds before they are over. I confirmed this issue on Chrome about a month ago and now it seems to have become worse with the latest ABP update. There is even a fairly recent post on the ABP forums here - though it appears that their staff hasn't acknowledged that it's their problem yet. You can either disable AdBlock Plus until there is a fix or, in most cases, you can just move the YouTube video player's progress bar forward a touch to resume where it left off. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Update: It looks like they have fixed it now even though no comment was made from any of the ADP staff on their forums.
Are you using any ad-blocking software? Do you have whitelists or exceptions or do you use the default settings? Feel free to leave a comment.