Saturday, June 21, 2008


As a 40+ year-old, working full time and attending college, these last two years have been sheer hell but today I get rewarded. It's graduation time! I can now add the title "Associate in Applied Science Information Technology Systems Administrator" to my albeit short list of achievements. Considering that my very first job was a "Petroleum Transfer and Distribution Specialist" (I pumped gas - remember those days?) I have come a long way. I hope that with my learnings I will be able to enlighten the readers of this blog with the latest trends in IT and how it can effect them and, of course, present my own views which will probably meander and sometimes may have nothing to do with IT at all!


Jeannie said...

Hi Boo. I'm looking forward to reading your blog. Too much time and too much distance has separated us for far too long!! Let's blog our way to knowing each other even better.

Love ya, Boo.

Jeannie said...

P.S. You have come a long way. You should be very proud. I am! :D

Mr. Mike said...

Thanks for the link! I look forward to reading your blog. Congrats again!

bmh67wa said...

Welcome aboard and hang on for the ride. I'm pretty new at this so it might be a little rough looking for awhile.


Kami said...

Great...the ride is still rough? I thought now that we graduated we'd be livin in high times on the smooth road.